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1. It's mandated Insurance

When you are mandated to carry SR22 insurance we are required to vouch for you and file with your state. It’s a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) your state requires you to have. Basically, it verifies you have auto liability coverage. You only need an SR22 if a judge tells you you do—this can happen after certain violations, or after a succession of violations.

If you already have car insurance and you’re required to carry an SR22, you are on the right track to getting back on the road, simply click here, and we'll take care of the rest. If you weren’t insured at the time of your violation, you’ll receive a quote for both an auto policy and an SR22. Remember, an SR22 is a state-mandated certificate filed by your car insurance carrier with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or Motor Vehicle Department (MVD).

2. It's affordable 

Filing for an SR22 form might cost you a few bucks but luckily it’s only temporary. The fee to file an SR22 form is roughly $25 to $30. But remember, if you don’t have auto insurance, you’ll first need a policy before you can file for an SR22. Also keep in mind that your insurance rate might be a bit high if you need an SR22 because you’re considered a "riskier" policyholder. And, some states require you to pay-in-full if you have an insurance policy that includes an SR22 filing.

3. It's limited

It depends on which state you live in, but the average requirement for carrying SR22 Insurance is around three years. After three years (or whatever your state requires), you’re done – you won’t need an SR22 anymore. All you’ll need to do is speak with us to remove the policy from your account. In most states, three years is also how long it takes for your driving record to clear. The theory is, whatever violations caused you to need an SR22 get cleared from your record.

4. It’s for everyone

If you don’t own a vehicle and are required by a judge to have SR22 insurance, then you still need to obtain SR22 insurance. In this special case, you will need what's called “non-owner SR22 insurance.” Not sure if you need non-owner SR22 insurance? Well, if you don’t fall into the following three categories then you’ll need a non-owner SR22:

  1. You own a registered vehicle
  2. There’s a vehicle, whether you own it or not, within your household
  3. Someone often provides you with a vehicle for regular use

Simply call us at 800-642-0058 to make sure you have the correct coverage. Or, receive a free quote today. Also, if you don’t own a vehicle but plan on purchasing one soon, make sure to let us know right away so we can switch your coverage and keep you on the road without any unnecessary issues.