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Here's How To Get Your License Back

Getting your license back can be a hassle and incredibly time consuming. We get it. That’s why we created “Get Your License Back In 4 Easy Steps.” This easy-to-follow plan is fastest way to get you back in the driver’s seat.

In order for our 4-Step process to work, it’s important you stay on top of all mandated deadlines. Since you’ll have some forms to fill out and some fees to pay, make sure you start this reinstatement plan at least 30 days before your suspension ends. Also, you won’t be able to start this process until you are current on all DUI-related fines and fees.

Keep in mind, the reinstatement process varies state-to-state and is subject to the laws of your specific jurisdiction. Visit our state information page to learn more about what the laws are where you live.

Get Your License Back In 4 Easy Steps

1. Complete All Court-Mandated Requirements

Everyone’s case is different. Some people end up with more severe consequences than others. Whatever your situation is, comply and stay up-to-date with all of the court’s demands. Whether it’s paying a fine, attending an alcohol awareness class, or taking a defensive driving course, make sure complete all requirements on-time or you won’t be eligible to get your license back.

Never get behind the wheel and drive if you’re not approved by the state to do so.

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2. Provide Proof of Current Car Insurance

To get back in the driver’s seat not only do you need car insurance, you need proof. This is different and separate from SR22 Insurance. Even if you complete all court-mandated requirements, you won’t get back on the road without car insurance.

3. Obtain SR22 Insurance

If you completed Steps 1 and 2, then you’re well on your way to getting behind the wheel. Lucky for you, you’re visiting the only Click here to obtain SR22 Insurance today. 

4. Pay Your Reinstatement Fee

Although dollar amounts for reinstatement fees vary from state-to-state, every single state mandates this fee. The reinstatement fee is usually your final fee. No matter what or where, even if you complete all of the other steps, you must pay this fee to finalize the process. So, the sooner you pay, the sooner you drive.